Some of my earliest memories are of artistic endeavors - either mine or others' efforts to show me.  I have painted and drawn all my life, studying at Bath Academy of Art and awarded BA Hons degree.  

My chosen subject matter is drawn from what I see around me - mainly landscape and seascape; the timelessness and rhythms which they provide and the effect which light has on the contours and patterns of land and water.  Trees are a particular magnet for me, especially those which are bent by the prevailing winds.

For the last four years I have become engrossed with pastels and the wonderful possibilities they give for immediacy and expression.  This translates onto paper in a way which I find very exciting, and which, for me, cannot be achieved in any other medium.  Blackdown Rings nearby has been the catalyst and, along with the Avon estuary where I live, is a constant source of inspiration.

It is individual reactions to ones surroundings which make an artistic work individual and unique.  I feel often that I am travelling a well trodden path - both in my own artistic development and working in this lovely area of Devon.